USPlabs Jack3d Review

May 10, 2012

USP Labs Jack3d (Jacked) is one of, if not the best selling pre-workout powder of all time. There is a reason – it’s powerful!

Ingredient Highlights With only six active ingredients, the small serving size of 5.5g delivers quite a punch. AAKG is included for NO production, creatine for strength and cell volumising effects, beta-alanine for increased muscle performance and recovery, caffeine and DMAA for an energy stimulation, and schizandrol for its mood enhancing effects.

Taste & Mixability Jack3d keeps coming out in new flavours, it’s tough to keep track! Grape bubblegum tastes great, as does lemon lime, and the tiny scoop dissolves in 300ml of water with no issues.

Strength This stuff is powerful! The combination of caffeine, DMAA and schizandrol makes each dose a very strong one. Most people can use one scoop for a while until they build up a tolerance. The warning to never take more than 3 scoops in a 24 hour period should be followed!

Value One of the cheapest pre-workouts available on the market, Jacked provides 45 potent scoops per tub, which is enough for 45 workouts for most people. That works out to be less than $1/scoop at Protein King’s price!

Final Word A powerful, well-priced and simple product, USPlabs Jack3d will help you power through your workouts.

Yours in Health,

Protein King

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Gaspari SuperPump MAX Review

April 26, 2012

With the recent emphasis on concentrated pre-workout powders, it is encouraging to see a new product counter the trend and release a fully dosed supplement. Gaspari’s new SuperPump MAX claims to be the ‘concentrate killer’; instead of relying on stimulants such as high caffeine or DMAA doses, supplying full clinical doses of key ingredients such as Leucine and L-Citrulline.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Branch  Chain mTOR Stimulation Blend – although the exact ratios of the three BCAA’s are unknown, 2g of Leucine per scoop of MAX is an important benefit of this product that the concentrated powders cannot include in their products. At the full dosage of 3 scoops, MAX will provide almost as many BCAA’s as many standalone amino acid supplements.
  • Nitric OxiENDURANCE Complex – the combination of L-Citrulline (rather than arginine) and Carnipure will promote strong levels of Nitric Oxide production
  • PhosphoDRIVE Signalling Complex – combining Creatine Monohydrate with Magnesium-Creatine Chelate promotes better performance than creatine alone and increases muscle cell hydration

Taste and Mixability
With eight flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone. We liked Pink Lemonade best. At only 16g per scoop, the powder dissolves easily into 300ml of water.

At the minimum dose of one scoop, SuperPump MAX might not give you the jitters like a concentrated product would. At the full three scoops, you are getting a good amount of caffeine, and unless you have a super high caffeine tolerance, you will be feeling it. Even at the lowest dose, you are getting good amounts of key ingredients.

One tub of SuperPump MAX has 40 x 16g scoops, which will power 40 workouts at the recommended serving size. At three scoops per serve, you are getting around 13 workouts out of the tub. Most people will use one-two scoops per workout which should last at least a month. At Protein King’s price of $49.95, it is great value.

Final Word
The ingredients in SuperPump MAX suggest you will not only have a great workout, but you’ll get the further benefits of delayed muscle soreness, faster recovery and higher strength levels that they provide. Could this be the ‘concentrate killer’ it claims to be? We think so.

Yours in Health,

Protein King

The advice in this article is to be used as a guide only and is purely the opinion of the author. No advice given is to be taken instead of advice from a qualified healthcare professional.